SACS Strider 18

Sacs has traced the new trends of the maxiribs, which combine the comfort and safety of ribs, with the luxury and design of the yacht. SACS Strider 18 – maxi tender, a chase boat and a party boat or Luxury cruiser in one. An Italian masterpiece SACS’s flagship strider 18 ZETAR version.

A highly versatile vessel that redefines its class.



For over two decades it’s made its mark and propelled watersports to new heights—and it’s always been the choice of our pro wakeboarding team. But this legendary boat isn’t just for professionals. With SurfStar, 4,100 pounds of ballast and the integrated Switchback Ballast system, the XStar delivers the ultimate surf waves and wakeboard wakes, period.

Mastercraft x55

The X55 measures 2.59 metres across her beam. Rated for 15 passengers, you could easily seat 13 people from the queue that’ll want to join you. The level of comfort carries through-out the boat and the wide bow section is one of luxury.